Sponsored Rider - Sienna Zwar

Hi everyone!

My name is Sienna Zwar and I am a part of Team Sovereign. I am 15 years old and based in NSW. I have always had a passion for horses from a young age, I started riding when I was 7 and got my own horse 2 years later. I currently compete in 3 disciplines, dressage, eventing and showjumping. I have 2 horses, Tinkerbell (known as Tinkie) and Apple.

Tinkie is relatively new, as I got her at the start of the year. She is a 15.3hh warmblood mare who’s main discipline is showjumping, but we also compete dressage. We are currently training around 1.05m courses and novice level dressage and have only competed twice due to Covid-19.  

My goals with Tinkie are to compete juniors showjumping which differs in height starting at around 1.15m. Tinkie also loves going to the beach and going swimming! I have never met a horse that loves the water more than her!

I have had Apple for just over a year now, and we have competed in all three disciplines. She is a 14.2hh new forest pony mare, and we compete in all three disciplines but mostly eventing! Apple is very sweet when it comes to people, but she will never let any other horses get too close! We have competed Eva 80 eventing and even came third at Canberra horse trials at the start of the year! We have been training up to Eva 95 and we are planning on moving up at our next competition! Apple and I are training up to novice and elementary dressage as well as 95-1m showjumping. Through all the training Apple also loves going on trail rides through the bush and on the road!

I am really honoured to be apart of team Sovereign and I can’t wait for the future!